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03 de Junio de 2019

Aquí una de las razones por las que elegí esa casa para mi vivienda y estudio. Ver un montón de flores de este arbusto en flor cuando fuimos a verla fue un gran presagio, pues siempre me han gustado.

I love the colours of these extraterrestial looking flowers.

Y a tí … ¿qué hizo que te decantaras por un hogar u otro? fue la zona? su jardín establecido? o te la hiciste a medida y gusto concreto?

Y ya de paso… ahora que la he encontrado me he acordado que este arbusto otra vez está en flor… ¿os gustaría haceros una sesión con estas flores de fondo? aprovéchate del 10% de descuento que hay en si reservas ahora una sesión para Julio y Agosto. ;D




3rd of June 2019

Here is one of the reasons why I chose the house I did…. seeing a massive bunch of these in bloom when I went to visit was one of the main reasons why I loved it.

I love the colours of these extraterrestial looking flowers.

What made you choose your dream home? was it location? their established garden? or did you build it and had it custom-made?

By the way… now that they are in bloom….

What about a photoshoot with them in the background in my house studio?? There is a 10% off discount at the moment.


27th May 2019

Not long ago I had the opportunity to share breakfast with these vital creatures for human’s survival. It was an interesting experience. At first I must confess I felt a bit overwhelmed with so many of them around our table, you tend to feel they’re all going to sting you but once I realized all they wanted was honey it turned more into like a shared breakfast with wilderness.





20th of May 2019

It’s that time of the year when it’s nice to start having cold coffees. I love capturing new outside the box ideas and I had never seen iced coffee cubes, but it makes a lot of sense as these will not water your coffee down, especially if you have it with milk. This photo was taken at a local coffee shop whilst visiting a couple of great friends and hyperrealistic drawing artists in Arenys de Munt last summer.

Please if you know the name of the coffee shop let me know so I can tag them on the photo. ;D

26th of May




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